Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

Senior Pastor, Rev. Sandra Bonnette-Kim

One of the things I love about living in New England is seeing all the trees changing color and creating a beautiful canvas all around us. It reminds us of God's amazing creation and how God continues to work in nature. It also reminds us that as we enjoy the beauty and cool weather, winter is not too far away. For me, more than any other season, in fall change is at the forefront of our lives. Change is coming like it or not and we need to learn to embrace the beauty it brings with it. No matter how much we fight it or dislike it, change is part of our lives, and it keeps coming.

I also learned that the change does not come according to our schedule, like this fall. It is the end of September and the leaves still haven't changed. We are only seeing a hint of change this year, while other years we would be at the peak of the foliage season.

Since I arrived in July, there has been many unexpected changes, such as: Pastor Ashley leaving, Covid raging with a new variant, and figuring out how to be a church in this time. We have never been in this situation before, but it is a challenge that I know we can overcome and thrive in. I have learned over time that it is important when there are many changes to learn how to make compromises, to be open to new ideas, and make changes that work for all people. This is not an easy thing to do, and it can also be messy.

However, in order to grow, we must embrace the change and live-in uncertainties. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that life is unpredictable and we need to be ready for any change, and even do things we are not comfortable of doing, like wearing a mask. Change is inevitable in life. In order to grow, we must learn to change with time. This does not mean getting rid of all the things that has been working but evolving and adjusting. So, as we work together as the church addressing who we are called to be, I ask that you sign up for the vision sessions that are being offered. Most importantly, let us be open to one another's ideas, listen to their anxieties and fear, and be patient with one another. Some may be ready to make the change while others need time to process and think. We are in this together.

I know that God has a great plan for us here at Carter Memorial UMC. I believe with everything that God is here working with us, guiding us, and leading us. So, join me as we learn and grow. Let us see all the beauty and wonderful ministries around us. Let us love one another, as Jesus loves us.

Peace and grace,
Pastor Sandra